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    1. Strengthen cooperation and promote the application of Beidou

    Agreed to develop strategic cooperation in Beidou/GNSS high precision positioning and spatial information applications, and will give priority to the construction of Beidou /GNSS CORS station network and data services, geospatial information application of agriculture and forest management, and based on Beidou/GNSS facilities at CST to promote other cooperations such as geological survey and disaster prevention and mitigation, logistics and other cooperation projects.

    2. Enhancement of cooperation on agricultural and forestry resources investigation and management, rural area disaster reduction of Laos

    Based on Beidou/GNSS CORS network at CST, Homcom is willing to support CST to develop a wide range of precise agricultural land mapping and forestry investigation with remote sensing and GIS, and CST is willing to support Homcom to develop Beidou precision positioning based spatial information service in Laos.

    To make a continuous cooperation on land mapping by remote sensing, GNSS and GIS, both sides will seek new resources to strengthen the application of GNSS, remote sensing and GIS on precise agricultural and forest investigation and ecologically forest operation management.

    3. Establishment of technical staff exchange and cooperation program

    Based on the China-Laos joint research centre, a joint laboratory focusing on scientific research and technical training will be set in Laos, promoting the transfer of techniques in the fields of spatial information technology, particularly in the domain of the application of Beidou/GNSS, remote sensing, GIS and in agricultural and forest management.